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Chris Luke

My vision – “To bring balance to people through positive intent and help them manifest their divine powers”

Chris is an an intuitive. He is also a Reiki Master, Spiritual Coach, Transformation Teacher, Educator, experienced  Company Director, Events Coordinator, and Musician.

Chris is dedicated and hardworking, always willing to help others. He shows consistent attention to detail. He has the skills of seeing the big picture, and being able to work towards achieving it, and guiding others to do the same.

Chris is enthusiastic and supportive, he intends to live his life dedicated to educating and assisting others to live into their highest possibility.

Chris is an approachable, gentle soul who inspires through his amazing skills as a motivator and coach. He works with Louise to produce guided meditations, podcasts and more. He is positive  in the way he encourages others to reconnect with their inner-selves and to become the best version of themselves.  Chris has a drive and passion to connect people and encourage them to learn from each other. He is keen to uncover hidden strengths in others and help them to connect with their life mission.  

Louise Luke

My vision – “To encourage, motivate and inspire others to find and connect with their inner self and spirit to enhance their future.”

Louise is positive and caring and is keen to assist you in your life journey. She is a coach, mentor and motivator. Her experience as a teacher, musician and wellbeing coordinator in the education system, has made her an expert in this area. She is driven and motivated to help and encourage everyone to create their best life. 

Louise has experience in scheduling and managing large events, has been an Educator over 30 years.

She has implemented wellbeing programs for staff and students and encourages connection with the self. Louise also strives to inspire people to think for themselves and to follow their intuition, so they can connect with the best version of themselves and live a fulfilling life.

Louise has been a mentor for many students throughout her teaching career, and is a sort after speaker for Motivation, Spiritual connection and personal wellbeing.


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