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Conscious Circles

“We come together as strangers and leave as a community.”

For most of us there are often times when life can sometimes feel very overwhelming as we try and juggle the many commitments both personally and externally. The reality is that most people are usually a primary carer for someone such as a husband, wife, partner, child, parent or family member and for many that can also mean multi-tasking. For the younger people there are the stresses of study, family dynamics, friendships and group peer pressure. What can happen very easily is slowly over time (and before we realise it) all our love and creative energy is poured into someone else and/or our job or studies leaving one to feel like an empty vessel with little or no time for self-exploration, self-healing, self-love, life purpose and creative expression.

Our Conscious Circles have been designed to allow you to be in your sacred and divine space. Surrounded with gentle, non-judgemental loving conscious energy. It is a time for your inner child and soul to be recognised, acknowledged, honoured and accepted whilst having some fun surrounded by community engagement that is one that comes from a place of pure love and acceptance.

Types of Circles we run

  • Music & Vibration Circles
  • Intuition Circles
  • Nature Whisper Circles
  • Gemstone and Crystal Circles
  • Spiritual Awareness Circles

Our promise to you

  • A supportive, loving and inclusive environment
  • A space to practice self-love and self-appreciation of you are!
  • A space where you are given the tools to connect to your higher self
  • A space where you are honoured and allowed to express yourself with no fear of judgement or criticism
  • A meet up where you will experience  love, joy and empathy with other people and get back to feeling part of a community
  • A time and space to let your hair down and be present in the moment

We invite you to get in touch with us today, and together we can discover your true authentic voice hidden inside you, connect with your higher self in love, acceptance and trust to manifest your best life and have a whole lot of fun and laughter along the way.

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