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Resilience is the force that drives us on, Through trials and tribulations we have gone, It is the inner strength that keeps us strong, When everything else feels so very wrong.

In these times of uncertainty and fear, It’s easy to give in and shed a tear, But we must remember the past, And how resilience brought us to last.

In times of war and great distress, Resilience gave us the power to progress, It was the light that shone through the dark, And helped us to make a brand new start.

Through times of famine and disease, Resilience was the key to our release, It gave us the strength to carry on, To rebuild and create a world reborn.

Now we face new challenges each day, But we know that resilience is here to stay, It is the force that we need to thrive, And make our world a better place to be alive.

So let us take a moment to reflect, On all the times that we did deflect, The hardships that we have faced before, And how resilience gave us so much more.

Let us embrace this inner power within, And let it guide us through thick and thin, For resilience is the key to our success, And with it, we can truly be blessed.

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